An Educational Fasting and Detox Spiritual Retreat Experience in Thailand

Dharma Healing International, offers an original “renaissance” spiritual fasting, detox course program according to Buddha Dharma philosophy; emphasizing, self-healing, self-empowerment, ‘holistic weight loss’ and spiritual transformation—guiding you into the sanctuary of your body, the freedom of a higher focus and the sacred responsibility to take loving care of your health and your loved ones, while striving toward the ecological sustainability of our beautiful planet.

In addition to a very thorough week of fasting, detox and cleansing with colonic irrigation we offer a course of classes to assist each faster to personally work with the cleansing process and connect to their highest divine nature. A selection from the following classes are held throughout the week: Meditation, Yoga, Chakra-Qi, Water Exercise, Raw Food Preparation, Spiritual Nutrition, Surprise Lectures, Dharma Talk, Kundalini Colonic Irrigation, Breaking the Fast Workshop encompassing Loving and Nurturing Yourself in the World. In addition an Iridology reading and personal nutritional and psycho/spiritual counseling are provided in a family atmosphere of peace and loving support.

Fasters leave feeling,rejuvenated, vibrant, knowledeable and dedicated to live a healthy life. Presently located on the beautiful tropical island of Koh Samui in the Gulf of Thailand. Our quiet part of the island awaits those who are looking to be reborn in paradise.

Our Beachfront

Our Goals

Through fasting and detox with colonic irrigation each faster is inspired to let go of the old ‘karma’, to purify, recharge and rejuvenate the virtues and blessings of what it means to be a healthy human being.
That through the fasting and cleansing process with colonic irrigation each faster is self guided to their sacred space within the body and psyche where healing and spiritual transformation take place.
That by experiencing the classes, personal counseling and fasting retreat environment each faster will feel supported and loved to progress on a holistic path of health, in harmony with nature and resonate globally with all living beings.
That through fasting for weight loss each faster wishing to lose weight will feel cherished, confident and directed toward maintaining a healthy diet and life style while finding balance through self-acceptance.
That through the fasting process we can share in the Divine Light  that goes through and surrounds each of us while realizing the need to become compassionate spiritual citizens and enlightened co-creators in a global economy based on wise choices.


The Group from March 2011.


Our Program:

Dharma Healing International offers a 7 to 31 day fasting/cleansing, liver detoxification, weight loss program with colonic irrigation. All programs are directed according to Buddha Dharma principles. All programs offer an alternative health education spiritual retreat in paradise, teaching a wide selection of classes throughout the week.



The Program Includes:

Orientation Part 1 - Thorough details about the fast and what it is, including Daily Menu, Class Schedule, Hygiene Tips, Journaling, How and Why We Cleanse, Healing Reactions.
Orientation Part 2 - Digestive System Overview, Body Anatomy and Physiology, Immune Intelligence, Endocrine Glands and Chakras, pH, Immune Intelligence and Energy Field.
A Summary of Buddha-Dharma Principles In Relation To The Fasting Experience and Personal Goals.
One very thorough Self-Administered " Yogalonics" - Colonic Irrigation Session per day, each Morning, with Organic Coffee.
Yogalonic - Colonic Irrigation Instruction Provided With The Orientation On Day One.
Iridology Reading With Personal Instruction and Interpretation Part 1 - To Provide Self-Understanding of Present Health Condition and Constitution.
Personal Nutritional and Psycho/Spiritual Counseling Part 2 - to support and inspire self healing and inner child work—learning to work with the fasting and cleansing process.
Impromptu Group Discussions About Fasting and Detoxification, How To Fast On Your Own, Holistic Weight Loss, Food Politics, Spiritual Nutrition, Astrology, Dharma and various other subjects.
Impromptu Group Discussions Animal vs Vegetarian Diets, Agro-Business, Genetically Modified, Raw vs Cooked Foods, Enzymes With Theory For Vibrant Health and Healing, Orthomolecular Medicine, Alternative Healing Therapies, Homeopathy, Social Illness Paradigm, Codex Alimentarius, Pleomorphism, Blood Acidity and Disease States.
Anti-Parasite Protocols with Discussions concerning "Parasite Behavior", Pleomorphism, Blood Acidity, Oxygen and “Our Holiday Pictures”.
Our own "New Five Flavor" Dynamite-Herbal Cleansing Formula, Psyllium Husk, Pure Ascorbic Acid-Crystalized Vitamin C Powder, Bentonite Clay.
Daily Drinks Include Fresh Coconut Waters, Lime Juice, Purified Water, Occasional Fresh Juices, Medicinal Herbal Teas.
Daily Homemade Veggie-Mineral Broth Soups made with herbs and spices from around the world.
Weekly Epsom Salts-Magnesium Sulphate and Spicy Liver Flush Drink.
HathaYoga 2 or 3 times per week and Short Meditations
Chakra Qi, Water Movement Held On Occasion.
Yoga Nidra, Deep Relaxation Of Total Body and Mind.
“No Frills Meditation”, A Simple Meditation For Beginners.
Weekly Buddha Dharma Talk and Discussion, With Auspicious Word-Sharing Exercise.
Natural Foods Classes, “Light” In Proteins, Fats and Carbohydrates, Proper Food Combining, with regularly updated research (refer to class page).
Three Hour Breaking-Fast Workshop With Amazing Information On The Best Ways How To Begin Eating, How To Feel High On The Benefits of Your Fasting Experience, How To Love Life While Eating Happy, Healthy and Holy, With Many Good Tips For Staying Young, Strong and Ascending To Your Divine Potential.
A Discussion Of The Worst Products To Avoid For 10 Days, That Prevent Good Health, and Cause Disease, Called “The No,Nos”.
In the Kitchen Raw Foods Class With Fresh Juice, Held On Thursday afternoons.
Doggie Bag of Goodies Made In The In The Kitchen Class, Passed Out On Last Night.
Course Book With Reflexology Charts.
Optional Coconut Class, All You Ever Need To Know About Coconuts


Hillary and Debbie May 2009


Dharma Healing International presently offers its Fasting and Detox Course program at Soonthon Bungalows while using four other resorts to host our fasters within a 3 minute walk to our bungalow center. We are located on the beautiful and tranquil western side of Koh Samui, on the Bay of Peace/Ow Santi (one of Thailand's most well kept secrets) where brilliant sunsets take place every evening over the Ang Thong Islands. Occasionally we offer fasts at other locations on Koh Samui, Thailand and around the world.


Dieter, Alison, John, Ingrid, Debbie, Laura, Hillary, Kristen


Beautiful Fasters.



Our Orientation Schedule

Our courses begin on Mondays with a very thorough Orientation held at 10:30 for new fasters. It is good to arrive the day before your fast begins or if not very early on the morning of the fast.


The group from October 2011


If you have participated in a fast with us before, you are welcome to come and begin your fast during the week. Please let us know what day you plan to arrive in order to prepare for your arrival.


Ginnie and Kiera - March 2009



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Please note, we do not claim to be doctors. We do not treat, heal or cure. We are teachers and counselors who care, teach, guide and counsel; calling upon knowledge, experience, wisdom, love and intuition.

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8-14 Fasting Course
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Latest News for 2016

Fasting is the greatest gift for the body, mind and spirit. Would you like encouragement? Read our inspiring Testimonials

Interview from WellBeing Magazine with Hillary. Read the Article

Dharma Healing is happy to announce the Dharma for Teachers, Counselors and Practitioners fasting courses being held during 2016. This next year we will hold 4 courses, the weeks of: March 7th to 14th, May 2nd to 9th, August 29th to September 5th and October 3rd to 10th. The course encompasses an amazing selection of Dharma teachings and information regarding fasting, for those who want to incorporate Buddhist psychology/philosophy and fasting into the foundation of their paradigm. The Dharma for Teachers, Counselors and Practitioners is a fasting course for all professionals of service who want to go deep within while mindfully observing and experiencing the fasting-cleansing process, in order to be more authentic, awakened and empowered in their work of helping and guiding others toward their enlightenment.

If you are not able to make it to one of our programs and would like to do your own program at home; if you would like long distance guidance for losing weight, would like to prepare for surgery, incorporate intermittent (daily, weekly) fasting into your life, organize an exercise program, detox on raw food or fast on your own, Hillary will be glad to design a personal program just for you. Assistance is given through daily email counseling. Please contact her for more information.
Are you interested in setting up an educational detox/fasting program based on compassionate business in your location? Founded on the principles of Buddha-Dharma our new consulting program will provide you with all of the tools, tips, curriculum and organization formats for promotion and set-up. Contact hillary for more information.

Losing weight is something that requires whole person weight loss, or what we call “holistic weight loss”. If you feel you need to lose weight contact us for more information about adding this element to your fast with us.

Why do coconuts represent paradise and the evolution of the human species? Learn the answers to these questions and much more in Raja Tamaran’s thoroughly investigated book “The Secrets In The Coconut”.Contact Raja at
Koh Samui has some incredible artists. If you love colorful paintings with an Asian flavor you will love the work of Nartana Holzweiler, Dharma Healing’s favorite artist!!/NartanasArt
Dharma Healing has some special treats for the body offered by Pon, our masseuse -- fruit and vegetable body scrubs, herbal facials, abdominal massage and traditional Thai massage. Pon has been giving massage with us for the past 18 years and knows how to soften and break apart blockages throughout the body.

Are you ready to quit smoking? Would you like your life to be happy and healthy? Combining Mindfulness with the latest research, "Quit for Life", written by Dharma Healing's good friend Jamie Mushin, can help you stop smoking once and for all - simply, without stress, forever. For more information, including how to order, or to contact Jamie (he'd love to hear from you!), visit the website

Check out our exciting bookstore, complete with our recommendations and worldwide shipping through is a community website, a Portal focusing on alternative health, self-help, spirituality, relationships, health and healing and global news. Take the tour at .Visit the Crystal Gallery to shop our vast selection of exquisite crystals, jewelry for auric healing, Vogel healing wands and much, much more.

Dharma Healing is happy to promote Ashtanga Yoga Bali with Prem and Radha. Two beautiful teachers who combine their power and love to offer you complete courses in Traditional Ashtanga practice, Ayurveda and Tantra in beautiful Bali. Check out their new website
Jiva Healing is a dynamic team of yoga teachers, nutritionists and massage therapists who run health retreats in various locations around the world, including Turkey, Spain, England and India. Juice fasting/detox retreats, healthy eating retreats and cooking classes, combined with nutrition, yoga and meditation classes, give guests the opportunity to leave feeling healthy, inspired and motivated to carry on with lasting lifestyle changes upon their return home. Check out their website with retreat schedules, locations and prices at
If you are an alumni faster to Dharma Healing and have a healthy program, project, book or product you would like to promote, please let us know and we will be happy to post a little 3 or 4 line blurb on our Latest News section for free.
I am truly honored to promote the beautiful gaia-oasis, an amazing eco-retreat-resort in Northern Bali. “Gaia” is a spiritually minded community, dedicated to creating a sacred space for healing and awakening. Gaia hosts group leaders and their students as well as individual travelers. Activities popular at Gaia include personal development, dance, relaxation, meditation, yoga, wellness, spiritual retreats and creativity workshops. Whether you seek tranquility in their nature retreat on the mountain — or a happy, healthy holiday at their beach resort —Gaia and their staff graciously welcome you to a home away from home. Please check out their website for your future retreats.

The Classroom Bungalow

The Bay of Peace

Beautiful Sunsets

Lovely Garden

Nice and quiet Bungalows.

Tim on his 3rd visit to DHI.

Buddha sand sculpture pictures --above and here-- by Adam Silverman, 2005, Bay of Peace, Lipa Noi, Koh Samui


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